Accepted papers

Full Papers
  • Esdras Silva; Débora C. Muchaluat Saade; Joel Dos Santos:
    NCL4WEB - Translating NCL applications to HTML5 web pages
  • John Lumley:
    Functional, extensible, SVG-based Variable Documents
  • Steven Bagley; David Brailsford; Brian Kernighan:
    Revisiting a Summer Vacation: Digital Restoration and Typesetter Forensics
  • Ildus Ahmadullin;  Niranjan Damera-Venkata:
    Hierarchical Probabilistic Model for News Composition
  • Mouhamadou Lamine Ba; Talel Abdessalem; Pierre Senellart:
    Uncertain Version Control in Open Collaborative Editing of Tree-Structured Documents
  • Brice Nédelec; Pascal Molli; Achour Mostefaoui; Emmanuel Desmontils:
    LSEQ: an adaptive structure for sequences in distributed collaborative editing
  • Seyednaser Nourashrafeddin; Evangelos Milios; Dirk Arnold:
    Interactive Text Document Clustering using Feature Labeling
  • Ajitesh Srivastava; Axel J. Soto; Evangelos Milios:
    A Graph-based Topic Extraction Method enabling Simple Interactive Customization
  • Do Thanh Ha; Salvatore Tabbone; Oriol Ramos-Terrades :
    Document Noise Removal using Sparse Representations over Learned Dictionary
  • Zhaohui Wu; Sujatha Das; Zhenhui Li; Prasenjit Mitra; C. Lee Giles:
    Towards Building An Open Book Search Engine
  • Roberto Gerson Azevedo; Rodrigo Costa Mesquita Santos; Eduardo Cruz Araujo; Luiz Fernando Gomes Soares; Carlos De Salles Soares Neto:
    Multimedia Authoring Based on Templates and Semi-automatic Generated Wizards
  • Gioele Barabucci:
    Introduction to the universal delta model
  • Ricardo Piccoli; João Batista Oliveira:
    Balancing Font Sizes for Flexibility in Automated Document Layout
  • Caio Cesar Viel Viel; Erick Lazaro Melo; Maria Da Graça Pimentel; Cesar Teixeira:
    Go beyond boundaries of iTV applications
  • Maristella Agosti; Owen Conlan; Nicola Ferro; Cormac Hampson; Gary Munnelly:
    Interacting with Digital Cultural Heritage Collections via Annotations: The CULTURA Approach

Short Papers

  • Benjamin Duthil; Mickaël Coustaty; Vincent Courboulay; Jean-Marc Ogier:
    Visual saliency and terminology extraction for document annotation
  • David Vilares; Miguel Alonso; Carlos Gómez-Rodríguez:
    Supervised polarity classification of Spanish tweets based on linguistic knowledge
  • Renata Neves; Cleber Zanchettin; Carlos Mello:
    An adaptive thresholding algorithm based on edge detection and morphological operations for documents images
  • Daniel Esser; Klemens Muthmann; Daniel Schuster:
    Information Extraction Efficiency of Business Documents Captured with Smartphones and Tablets
  • Elodie Carel; Vincent Courboulay; Jean-Christophe Burie; Jean-Marc Ogier:
    Dominant color segmentation of administrative document images by hierarchical clustering
  • Katayoun Torabi; Jessica Durgan; Bryan Tarpley:
    Early Modern OCR Project (eMOP) at Texas A&M University: Using Aletheia to Train Tesseract
  • Jerzy Kaczorek; Bogdan Wiszniewski:
    Augmenting digital documents with negotiation capability
  • Jozef Harinek; Marián Šimko:
    Improving term extraction by utilizing user annotations
  • Aziza Satkhozhina; Jan Allebach; Ildus Ahmadullin:
    Optical Font Recognition using Conditional Random Field
  • Jean-Yves Vion-Dury:
    Using RDFS/OWL to ease Semantic Integration of Structured Documents
  • Madjid Sadallah; Benoît Encelle; Azze-Eddine Maredj; Yannick Prié:
    A Framework for Usage-based Document Reengineering
  • Alex Pinkney; Steven Bagley; David Brailsford:
    No Need to Justify Your Choice: Pre-compiling Line Breaks to Improve eBook Readability
  • Simone Marinai:
    Reflowing and annotating scientific papers on eBook readers
  • Kyle Williams; C. Lee Giles:
    Near Duplicate Detection in an Academic Digital Library
  • Laurent Denoue; Scott Carter; Matthew Cooper:
    Content-based Copy and Paste from Video Documents
  • Jack Jansen; Pablo Cesar; Dick Bulterman:
    Multimedia Document Synchronization in a Distributed Social Context
  • Francisco Alvaro; Richard Zanibbi:
    A Shape-Based Layout Descriptor for Classifying Spatial Relationships in Handwritten Math
  • Mark Truran; Jonathan Siddle; Gersende Georg; Marc Cavazza
    Automatic Generation of Limited-depth Hyper-documents from Clinical Guidelines
  • Mihai Bilauca; Patrick Healy:
    Splitting Wide Tables Optimally
  • Shira Faigenbaum; Arie Shaus; Barak Sober; Eli Turkel; Eli Piasetzky:
    Evaluating Glyph Binarizations Based on their Intrinsic Properties
  • Angelo Di Iorio; Silvio Peroni; Francesco Poggi; David Shotton; Fabio Vitali
    Recognising document components in XML-based academic articles
  • Kai Michael Höver; Max Mühlhäuser:
    Interchanging and Preserving Presentation Recordings
  • Sebastian Rahtz; Lou Burnard:
    Reviewing the TEI ODD system


  • Chris Wells; Joel Jirak; Steve Pruitt; Anthony Wiley:
    Enterprise Document System Cloud Deployment
  • Van Nguyen Nhu; Jean-Marc Ogier; Franck Charneau:
    Bag of Subjects: lecture videos multimodal indexing
  • Joan Andreu Sánchez; Günter Mühlberger; Basilis Gatos; Philip Schofield; Katrien Depuydt; Richard Davis; Enrique Vidal; Jesse de Does:
    tranScriptorium: an European Project on Handwritten Text Recognition
  • Luiz Augusto Matos Da Silva; Luiz Laerte Nunes Da Silva Jr.; Marta Mattoso; Vanessa Braganholo:
    On the Performance of the Position() XPath Function
  • Ricardo Marcacini; Solange Rezende:
    Incremental Hierarchical Text Clustering with Privileged Information
  • Ozge Yeloglu; Evangelos Milios; Nur Zincir-Heywood:
    Beyond Term Clusters: Assigning Wikipedia Concepts to Scientific Documents
  • Dayu Yuan; Prasenjit Mitra
    Cross Language Indexing and Retrieval of the Cypriot Digital Antiquities Repository

Application Notes

  • Bruna Cunha; Olibário Neto; Maria Da Graça Pimentel:
    MoViA: A Mobile Video Annotation Tool
  • Fabio Rinaldi:
    Assisted editing in the biomedical domain: motivation and challenges
  • Meenu Pandey; Ethan Munson:
    LibreOffice documents with Version Awareness
  • Marián Šimko; Martin Franta; Martin Habdák; Petra Vrablecová:
    Managing Content, Metadata and User-created Annotations in Web-Based Applications
  • Alexandru Constantin; Steve Pettifer; Andrei Voronkov:
    PDFX: Fully-automated PDF-to-XML Conversion of Scientific Literature
  • Stefano Ferilli; Floriana Esposito:
    Hi-Fi HTML Rendering of Multi-format Documents in DoMInUS