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We are pleased to announce that the 13th ACM Symposium on Document Engineering (DocEng) will be held in Florence, Italy.  DocEng 2013 will build on the tradition of past symposia previously held around the world including (2012), (2011), (2010) and (2009).

The provides an annual international forum for presentations and discussions on principles, tools and processes that improve our ability to create, manage and maintain documents. It is sponsored by by means of the Special Interest Group. All DocEng Proceedings are available through the .

Researchers in both academia and industry are invited to submit papers and to attend DocEng 2013.

Tuesday, 10 September

The workshops DChanges 2013 and DH-CASE 2013 take up the full day.  The workshop "Reimagining Digital Publishing for Technical Documents" takes place in the morning only.  All participants with a workshop registration (standalone or additional) are free to attend any workshop, regardless of whether they have an accepted paper or not.

 0930 - 1050
Morning workshops (DChanges 2013, DH-CASE 2013, Reimaging Digital Publishing for Technical Documents)
 1050 - 1110
 1110 - 1250
Morning workshops (contd.)
 1250 - 1400
 1400 - 1510
Afternoon workshops (DChanges 2013, DH-CASE 2013)
 1510 - 1530
 1530 - 1730
Afternoon workshops (contd.)

Wednesday, 11 September

 0900 - 0915
 0915 - 1035
ProDoc Doctoral Consortium  (Session Chair: Cerstin Mahlow)
 1035 - 1055
 1055 - 1155
Keynote  (Session Chair: Simone Marinai)

Symbolic Machine Learning Methods for Historical Document Processing
Floriana Esposito

 1155 - 1300
Digital Humanities  (Session Chair: Fabio Vitali)

Revisiting a Summer Vacation: Digital Restoration and Typesetter Forensics
Steven Bagley, David Brailsford, Brian Kernighan

Interacting with Digital Cultural Heritage Collections via Annotations: The CULTURA Approach
Maristella Agosti, Owen Conlan, Nicola Ferro, Cormac Hampson, Gary Munnelly

Early Modern OCR Project (eMOP) at Texas A&M University: Using Aletheia to Train Tesseract
Katayoun Torabi, Jessica Durgan, Bryan Tarpley

 1300 - 1400
 1400 - 1530
Dealing with Multiple Versions  (Session Chair: John Lumley)

Uncertain Version Control in Open Collaborative Editing of Tree-Structured Documents
Mouhamadou Lamine Ba, Talel Abdessalem, Pierre Senellart

LSEQ: An Adaptive Structure for Sequences in Distributed Collaborative Editing
Brice Nédelec, Pascal Molli, Achour Mostefaoui, Emmanuel Desmontils

Introduction to the Universal Delta Model
Gioele Barabucci

Version Aware LibreOffice Documents
Meenu Pandey, Ethan Munson

 1530 - 1550
 1550 - 1720
Search and Sense Making  (Session Chair: Monica Landoni)

Interactive Text Document Clustering using Feature Labeling
Seyednaser Nourashrafeddin, Evangelos Milios, Dirk Arnold

A Graph-based Topic Extraction Method Enabling Simple Interactive Customization
Ajitesh Srivastava, Axel J. Soto, Evangelos Milios

Searching Online Book Documents and Analyzing Book Citations
Zhaohui Wu, Sujatha Das, Zhenhui Li, Prasenjit Mitra, C. Lee Giles

Near Duplicate Detection in an Academic Digital Library
Kyle Williams, C. Lee Giles

Thursday, 12 September

0900 - 1000
Keynote  (Session Chair: Kim Marriott)

Turning Documents into Evidence: Structuring Digitised Libraries to support Scholarship
Alastair Dunning

1000 - 1030
Architecture and Processes  (Session Chair: Ethan Munson)

Augmenting Digital Documents with Negotiation Capability
Jerzy Kaczorek, Bogdan Wiszniewski

A Framework for Usage-based Document Reengineering
Madjid Sadallah, Benoît Encelle, Azze-Eddine Maredj, Yannick Prié

 1030 - 1050
 1050 - 1245
Document Recognition and Analysis I  (Session Chair: Charles Nicholas)

An Adaptive Thresholding Algorithm Based on Edge Detection and Morphological Operations for Document Images
Renata Neves; Cleber Zanchettin, Carlos Mello

Information Extraction Efficiency of Business Documents Captured with Smartphones and Tablets
Daniel Esser, Klemens Muthmann, Daniel Schuster

Dominant Color Segmentation of Administrative Document Images by Hierarchical Clustering
Elodie Carel, Vincent Courboulay, Jean-Christophe Burie, Jean-Marc Ogier

Optical Font Recognition using Conditional Random Field
Aziza Satkhozhina, Jan Allebach, Ildus Ahmadullin

A Shape-Based Layout Descriptor for Classifying Spatial Relationships in Handwritten Math
Francisco Alvaro, Richard Zanibbi

Evaluating Glyph Binarizations Based on their Intrinsic Properties
Shira Faigenbaum, Arie Shaus, Barak Sober, Eli Turkel, Eli Piasetzky

Document Noise Removal Using Sparse Representations Over Learned Dictionary
Thanh-Ha Do, Salvatore Tabbone, Oriol Ramos Terrades

 1245 - 1300
BoF Session (Discussion Groups)  (Session Chair: Patrick Schmitz)
 1300 - 1400
 1400 - 1530
Document Layout and Presentation Generation I  (Session Chair: Steven Bagley)

Functional, Extensible, SVG-based Variable Documents
John Lumley

Hierarchical Probabilistic Model for News Composition
Ildus Ahmadullin, Niranjan Damera-Venkata

Balancing Font Sizes for Flexibility in Automated Document Layout
Ricardo Piccoli, João Batista Oliveira

Splitting Wide Tables Optimally
Mihai Bilauca, Patrick Healy

 1530 - 1550
 1550 - 1705
Document Recognition and Analysis II  (Session Chair: Steven Simske)

Visual Saliency and Terminology Extraction for Document Annotation
Benjamin Duthil, Mickaël Coustaty, Vincent Courboulay, Jean-Marc Ogier

Supervised Polarity Classification of Spanish Tweets Based on Linguistic Knowledge
David Vilares, Miguel Alonso, Carlos Gómez-Rodríguez

Hi-Fi HTML Rendering of Multi-format Documents in DoMInUS
Stefano Ferilli, Floriana Esposito

PDFX: Fully-automated PDF-to-XML Conversion of Scientific Literature
Alexandru Constantin, Steve Pettifer, Andrei Voronkov

Recognising Document Components in XML-based Academic Articles
Angelo Di Iorio, Silvio Peroni, Francesco Poggi, David Shotton, Fabio Vitali

 1705 - 1725
Workshop Summary  (Chair: David Brailsford)

Friday, 13 September

 0900 - 1015
Metadata and Annotation  (Session Chair: Stefano Ferilli)

Improving Term Extraction by Utilizing User Annotations
Jozef Harinek; Marián Šimko

Using RDFS/OWL to ease Semantic Integration of Structured Documents
Jean-Yves Vion-Dury

Reviewing the TEI ODD System
Sebastian Rahtz; Lou Burnard

Assisted Editing in the Biomedical Domain: Motivation and Challenges
Fabio Rinaldi

Managing Content, Metadata and User-created Annotations in Web-Based Applications
Marián Šimko; Martin Franta; Martin Habdák; Petra Vrablecová

 1015 - 1035
BoF (Discussion Groups) Report  (Session Chair: Patrick Schmitz)
 1035 - 1055
 1055 - 1155
Keynote  (Session Chair: Kim Marriott)

Not a Hamburger. Or, How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the PDF
Steve Pettifer

 1155 - 1250
Multimedia I  (Session Chair: Dick Bulterman)

Multimedia Authoring Based on Templates and Semi-automatic Generated Wizards
Roberto Gerson Azevedo, Rodrigo Costa Mesquita Santos, Eduardo Cruz Araujo, Luiz Fernando Gomes Soares, Carlos De Salles Soares Neto

Content-based Copy and Paste from Video Documents
Laurent Denoue, Scott Carter, Matthew Cooper

MoViA: A Mobile Video Annotation Tool
Bruna Cunha, Olibário Neto, Maria da Graça Pimentel

 1250 - 1305
Poster Introductions  (Chair: Peter King)
 1305 - 1420
Lunch/Posters and Demos
 1420 - 1525 Multimedia II  (Session Chair: Cécile Roisin)

Multimedia Document Synchronization in a Distributed Social Context
Jack Jansen, Pablo Cesar, Dick Bulterman

NCL4WEB - Translating NCL Applications to HTML5 Web Pages
Esdras Silva, Débora C. Muchaluat Saade, Joel Dos Santos

Go Beyond Boundaries of iTV Applications
Caio Cesar Viel Viel, Erick Lazaro Melo, Maria Da Graça Pimentel, Cesar Teixeira

 1525 - 1545
 1545 - 1600
Multimedia II (contd.) (Session Chair: Cécile Roisin)

Interchanging and Preserving Presentation Recordings
Kai Michael Höver, Max Mühlhäuser

 1600 - 1645
Document Layout and Presentation Generation II  (Session Chair: Niranjan Damera-Venkata)

No Need to Justify Your Choice: Pre-compiling Line Breaks to Improve eBook Readability
Alex Pinkney, Steven Bagley, David Brailsford

Reflowing and annotating scientific papers on eBook readers
Simone Marinai

Automatic Generation of Limited-depth Hyper-documents from Clinical Guidelines
Mark Truran, Jonathan Siddle, Gersende Georg, Marc Cavazza

 1645 - 1700
Closing Notes

Tamir Hassan,
Aug 23, 2013, 6:42 AM